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New for November/December 2014/2015:

Monthly Membership for just 8.98!

The Umaa Tantra Practitioner Community and Practical Archive of Wisdom Knowledge is exactly that – a new, participatory, interactive, non-denominational community of practitioners of tantric yoga, with sets of communal and individual practices available to those practitioners as text and multimedia materials. Novices and Experts alike are welcome to share and participate!

The monthly membership fee (currently US $8.98 monthly) is affordable and gives access to both community and a wide variety of materials. (Scholarships are available for those in countries / regions with lower median incomes, etc – simply email us at info @ umaatantra . com (remove spaces) with “Scholarship Request” in the subject line, and inform us of your situation and what you propose.)

The Practical Archive of Wisdom Knowledge

The initiation fee for the Community Membership gives immediate access to a wealth of text and streaming video information on Tantric Yoga, including our Umaa Tantra Fundamentals Package, containing the best-selling e-books Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You, Visual Stepping Stones to the Absolute (with streaming video), and the video package Secrets of Abdominal Isolation and Manipulation: Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya, as well as all of their bonuses…

In addition, Members immediately receive access to hatha and kriya yoga practices for rejuvenating and balancing physical vitality and sublimating vitality into brain bliss, prenatal yoga, consort practices (maithuna/karmamudra), and more, and there are new materials are released to members every other month in addition to those materials made available by participation in our community social challenges (see below).

Tantric Yoga as a Social Endeavor – Social Media Challenges, done differently…

Engaging, participatory social challenges are made available to our community members monthly. All practitioners can elect to do any challenge and document it on social media according to its “game rules”.

Each challenge includes a simple but powerful practice of 3 to 15 minutes, which is done daily for one, two, or three weeks. The social component of the challenge is to record the activity in a way that inspires others to transform their inner experience of the world through practice creation, using the hashtag of the challenge and #UmaaTantra.

One month community members will explore practicing the transmission of powerful positve emotions. Another month they may use the full tantric uddiyana bandha to visibly elevate and sublime their emotional / energy state. Another month they may rapidly create states of deep focus or meditative absorption using pranayama or mudra, or practice transforming sexual energy into loving bliss. By recording the experience of the practice either daily or weekly on audio/video/photo/microblog, the transformation is recorded not only for the practitioner, but also for the community and the public-at-large, demonstrating the power of tantric yoga.

The first challenge will begin Thursday Dec 4, 2014!

Rewards for Participating

Aside from the fun of creating something together through mutual practice, every Community member who completes the challenge and shares it according to instructions is given access to special bonus multimedia or text materials inside the website, practice banners, and in some challenges, those who most creatively express their practice will also get T-shirts and other goodies to memorialize the experience.

Public and Private Social Media

In addition to encouraging the sharing the power of tantric transformation using public social media, starting the second week of December 2014, we will also have multiple internal social networks available for members-only use.

Special Time-Sensitive Offer:

To highlight this new community, we are making the initiation fee, with its wonderful bundle of streaming video and text goodies, ridiculously low at the start, with the price going up every two days until it reaches its (still discounted) full value. The initiation fee will start at only $89 on Thursday November 20th, with the price going up $5 every two days until it reaches (a still heavily discounted) $150 in early December.

Huge Value

The full value of the products, courses, and practices offered right from the start, not even counting the bonuses, is over $300 US. The three products of the Umaa Tantra Fundamentals Package alone cost $159 if you purchase them separately. They make up a very good instruction for all that we do in the shared community social media challenges, as well as for the members’ personal practices.

… and get all the materials in the Archive, along with a community with whom to share practice…

Already a Patron?

For those who have already purchased all three of the core products of the UmaaTantra Fundamentals Package (Secrets the Gurus Will Never Show You, Visual Stepping Stones to the Absolute, and Secrets of Abdominal Isolation and Manipulation: Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya), we thank you for your wise patronage!

Simply email us your purchase information at info @ umaatantra . com to request the “no initiation fee” sign-up link. If you’ve previously bought one or two, but not all three, you can always complete your collection by purchasing the individual products (above) and then opt to request the no-initiation fee link via email.