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We teach the esoteric practices of traditional tantric yoga (hatha, kriya, laya, deity yoga, subtle energy yoga, maithuna, more) from Saiva, Sakta, and Vajrayana perspectives, as well as Dr. Glenn J. Morris’s modern synergistic internal alchemy practice, the Improved Kundalini Awakening Process, through two online programs, one with a DIY ethic, and the other with weekly personal instruction.

The Umaa Tantra Practitioner Community

An online practitioner community with a large online library of video and text practice guides, manuals, and supplements, social media connections, and monthly cooperative practice challenges. Click here for more information.

Interactive Online Video Curriculum in Tantric Yoga

UmaaTantra.com’s Online College of Tantric Yoga provides non-dogmatic interactive online video courses in the secret methods and worldview of Inner (esoteric) Tantric Yoga. This curriculum is only available online, and only available from this website. It is fully supported by the instructors through interactive office hours via broadcast video, skype, and phone.

The non-sectarian teachings are presented to you with modern technology, but retain their traditional transformative power. We are passing on the worldviews and methods of traditional Tantra, while transmitting as little spiritual and cultural prejudice (modern or ancient) as possible.

The Online College begins with a Core Curriculum: three years of three 12-week trimesters. You may sign up for just one, or for all, stopping and starting as you need. That core curriculum is followed by three years worth of supplemental courses and sadhanas (practices). We do not aim to be fully accredited academic institution, i.e., we do not offer courses in calculus, English literature, and the like. We only present tantra yoga and directly related desciplines, and we do it very thoroughly.

We teach esoteric yoga’s powerful fundamentals and advanced techniques for transformation and expansion of personality, experience, energy, and awareness, and union with the ineffable. We do not teach the College curriculum locally, only online! The college courses provide both the practical and theoretical background for the events we do locally…

Our Tantra Salon Events in Miami, Florida

The majority of our instructors are physically located in Miami, Florida, USA, where we teach aspects of traditional Tantra (both dakshina and vamamarg) as well as inner tantric yoga sadhana through our Tantra Salon events.

We also travel to teach worldwide workshops on Tantric Hatha, Kriya, and Raja Yoga, Mantra and Yantra Laya, Deity Yoga, Pranavidya, Avishkara, Laya Yoga, Swara Yoga, the Visual Yogas, Maithuna, Sukshma Vyayam, Taoist and Buddhist Qigong, Internal Alchemy, and more… The online college curriculum provides a foundational, experiential understanding for all of our local and worldwide workshops and practices.

We no longer see the need for a fixed location, but rather teach at non-dogmatic and non-sectarian yoga studios and retreat centers in South Florida and worldwide, helping students of many lineages and traditions to understand and unfold the powerful inner aspects of their existing meditation, yoga asana, pranayama, and qigong practices…

We have existed as Umaa Tantra, both on the Web, and in Miami, Florida, since 1999.

You can read commentaries from some of our students and workshop attendees on the pages of our course descriptions and here on our testimonials page.


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