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Visual Stepping Stones to the Absolute (includes downloadable.pdf e-book, yantras, and streaming video. $39.95 full description…
Secrets the Gurus will Never Show You (.pdf e-book) $59.95 full description…
Secrets of Abdominal Isolation (Nauli Kriya/ Uddiyana Bandha)
(Three 21-day online video instruction sequences, plus streaming video of the content of the 2 original dvds, with included online workout checklists & special reports)
$59.95 full description…

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Short Descriptions of the above yoga and tantra e-books and streaming video courses, authored by UmaaTantra instructors and published by SmashanPress :

Visual Stepping Stones to the Absolute – Revealed – a practical, step-by-step manual to the secrets of sensory withdrawal, yoga concentration, meditation, absorption, and visual self-empowerment, using gazing practices, along with the secret yogic uses of yantra (mystical diagrams), and more… by Tao Semko (Practical Manual in e-book format))

Secrets the Gurus will Never Show You, vol. 1 (Special Underground Report)
Santiago Dobles’s brilliant expose of the great internal secrets of the yogic and qi gong traditions. Step by step instructions for Self Realization. Secrets of tantric hatha yoga. laya yoga, and kriya yoga..

Secrets of Abdominal Isolation and Manipulation: Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya (streaming video of the original dvds, plus three 3-week sets of progressive video practice sessions) – Tao Semko reveals eighteen *must-have* step-by-step exercises to abdominal control mastery – these easy-to-learn secrets give you total control over your abdomen. Impress friends, improve digestion, improve sexual performance, and vaporize stress in minutes by letting your brain “breathe.” Used by Schwartzenegger, Maxick, Zane, and other bodybuilding and strength legends to build unbelievable abdomens, these energy, breath, and muscle control exercises are central to the higher practices of tantric hatha and kriya yoga, and tantric sexuality.


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