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E-books and DVD’s for sale to the public:
Visual Stepping Stones to the Absolute (.pdf e-book). $29.95
Secrets the Gurus will Never Show You (.pdf e-book). $59.95
Secrets of Abdominal Isolation (Nauli Kriya/ Uddiyana Bandha)
(Three 21-day online video instruction sequences, plus the two original video DVD’s with online workout checklists & special reports)
save $59.95!
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Short Descriptions of the above yoga and tantra e-books and DVD’s, authored by UmaaTantra instructors and published by SmashanPress :

Visual Stepping Stones to the Absolute – Revealed – a practical, step-by-step manual to the secrets of sensory withdrawal, yoga concentration, meditation, absorption, and visual self-empowerment, using gazing practices, along with the secret yogic uses of yantra (mystical diagrams), and more… by Tao Semko (Practical Manual in e-book format))

Secrets the Gurus will Never Show You, vol. 1 (Special Underground Report)
Santiago Dobles’s brilliant expose of the great internal secrets of the yogic and qi gong traditions. Step by step instructions for Self Realization. Secrets of tantric hatha yoga. laya yoga, and kriya yoga..

Secrets of Abdominal Isolation and Manipulation: Uddiyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya (DVD) – Tao Semko reveals eighteen *must-have* step-by-step exercises to abdominal control mastery – these easy-to-learn secrets give you total control over your abdomen. Impress friends, improve digestion, improve sexual performance, and vaporize stress in minutes by letting your brain “breathe.” Used by Schwartzenegger, Maxick, Zane, and other bodybuilding and strength legends to build unbelievable abdomens, these energy, breath, and muscle control exercises are central to the higher practices of tantric hatha and kriya yoga, and tantric sexuality.

Dive deeper with these DVD sets and our Online Curriculum

The Following are Available by Interview Only!
The following DVD sets come with extensive one-on-one online support, and are not appropriate for all constitutions and personality types, and therefore merit approval via a Skype video interview prior to purchase. Schedule your skype appointment now!

These titles will also be added to our online streaming video systems in the Fall of 2014…

The Mother of All Tantric Offerings
(All of our dvd practice sessions, all gold discs, nauli set, tantra set, 2 ebooks… 38 discs in all!
Plus a free month of tuition in UmaaTantra.com’s Online College of Tantric Yogas – cancel the $81 monthly tuition at any time)
$1768.20 $1200.00
Biggest Savings!
The Gold Discs: Laya Yoga and Kriya Yoga: Secrets of the Chakras – Miracles of Esoteric Anatomy (14 DVDs) $550
save $350!
The Practice Sessions: Mastering your mind, body, and the elements through Tantric Hatha Yoga and Sukshma Vyayam (12 DVD’s and 2 CD’s), save $29 on the bundle $330
save $29!
Dinu Roman’s Secrets of Tantra: Maithuna Workshop DVDs (8 DVDs and 1 CD-ROM)
2001 Super-8 workshop videos converted to DVD, with text & image supplements
$299 Available only through purchasing the “Mother of All Tantric Offers”, above.
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Short Descriptions of the above DVD’s & CD’s on Qigong, Tantra and Yoga, authored by UmaaTantra instructors and published by SmashanPress :

Secrets of The Chakras, Miracles of Esoteric Anatomy!
In plain english: the authentic secrets of the mystic internal anatomy of the east. These videos reveal the nadis/ meridians, kanda/ dan-tien/ hara, koshas, tattvas, and chakras. In English, that’s the body’s energy channels, energy storage spaces, five sheaths, five principles or elements, and energy centers or “wheels”. These videos of a live Umaa Tantra seminar take you step by step through techniques that made ordinary men and women into legendary spiritual practitioners (DVD)

Mastering your mind, body, and the elements through Tantric Hatha Yoga and Sukshma Vyayam
The original 12 practice sessions of the Tantric Inner Circle distance learning program, available from 2003-2007. Inside its asana and pranayama, Tantric Hatha Yoga uses emotion and sensory awareness and amplification, refined internal muscle controls, nerve and endocrine system “hacks”, meditative absorption and movement of spatial awareness, and more, to raise kundalini and attain samadhi, preparation for more rigorous practice of samadhi in tantric raja yoga.

Secrets of Tantra: Maithuna(DVD)
Learn the transcendent beauty of left-hand-path devotional tantra and maithuna (tantric sexual practice) in a quiet workshop delivered in your own living room, complete with gentle transmission of loving energy and wisdom with these DVD’s of Dinu Roman’s December 2001 seminar on the Erotic and Exotic in Tantrism, delivered in Miami.

Additional Tantric Tools and Products

Gio’s Ghee: Organic Full Moon Vedic Quality Ghee (Clarified Butter), for homa and nourishment.
Organic Medicinal Mushroom Blend Chinese Adaptogens for Qigong
Ram Das Orgone Matrices Empowered with healing and protective moksha mantras by Ram Das, Pujari; space clearing and personal talismans

Tantric Art

The Mahavidya Project:
Maha Kali – “Universal”
Smashan Kali – “Dissolution”
Daksina Kali – “Auspicious”

Recommended Courses by Other Teachers, sold on their respective sites:

Sifu Dan Ferrera Qigong Class 2009

Saida Desilets’s Desilets Method: Female Taoist Cultivation Book, DVD, Video Course

Authentic Teachings of Shaolin Qigong: A Complete Home Study Course

The Essential Qigong Training Course: 100 Days to Increase Energy, Physical Health and Spiritual Well-Being

Tai Chi (taiji) Ruler Qigong Course

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